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Go Wild

John Grogan, Marley

John Grogan

MarleyAudio version available

Handpicked from the puppy litter, Marley quickly ingratiates himself into the heart of his new family; one loveable, furry, energy ball of a puppy quickly grows into the 'world's worst dog', expelled from obedience classes, hired by a film crew as a 'big, dumb, loopy dog', stealing what he shouldn't and dribbling on guests. Sooner or later though Marley is going to wear out…
A heartwarming, tear-jerking adaptation of Grogan's bestselling memoir, Marley and Me, which retains all the emotion of the adult original and gets to the heart of what pet ownership is really all about.

HarperCollins · 9780007302529

Alison Hawes

Awesome Animals
(First Flight)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Part of the First Flight level 1 series for struggling readers, reading age 6. The 50% text, 50% illustration formula works fantastically here to show a range of awesome animals (many to be avoided at all costs!) offering fascinating facts about how and where they live.

Badger Publishing · 9781844248230

Brian Jacques, High Rhulain

Brian Jacques

High Rhulain
Suitable for 11-13s

Bisky Mouse sets off on a hunt for treasure with his fellow creatures from Redwall Abbey, little suspecting that the evil Korvus and his ravens, the Doomwytes. are also in pursuit. Drama, danger and deadly opponents abound in a pageturning adventure. Jacques imagines completely credible fantasy worlds in which to immerse his readers and peoples them with animal characters who are almost human. Big battles, huge feasts and puzzling riddles to solve are all hallmarks of his masterful and prolific storytelling.

Puffin · 9780141319605


Robin Jarvis, Whortle's Hope

Robin Jarvis

Whortle's Hope
(Deptford Mouselets)
Suitable for 11-13s

Whortle fieldmouse is bursting with excitement at the prospect of winning the sports contest which will earn him the position of Head Sentry, the right to watch over the meadows from the top of the barleystalks and so develops a gruelling daily training programme, spurred on by his friends. At nights though he is visited by strange brothers who tell of a time before the field was home to the fieldmice, a time of terrible and terrifying battles between good and evil. A welcome addition to the Deptford Mice saga, this fills in the gaps for fans but is also a springboard for new readers into the series. Bursting with action, danger, gruesome detail, history, mystery and some very narrow escapes these are real mouse eye views of our world from a prolific storyteller who excels at anthropomorphic tales such as this one.

Hodder · 9780340855126


Ron Koertge, Strays

Ron Koertge

StraysSuitable for 13-14+

16-year-old Ted much prefers animals to humans and, after losing his parents in a road crash, he has a particular affinity with strays, abandoned like himself, with whom he can have surreal two-way conversations. Helped along by his bizarre but loving foster family and enrolled in a new inner city high school, Ted must learn to overcome his loneliness and put his trust in humans too. Intelligent, insightful and edgy writing to make you stop and think, with flashes of devastating humour.

Walker · 9781406316124

Ingrid Lee, Dog Lost

Ingrid Lee

Dog Lost

Badly treated and unwanted, pit bull puppy Cash finds a new home with 12-year-old Mackenzie and quickly becomes his best friend in the world. Society at large is not quite so welcoming of pit bulls though and Mackenzie's dad dumps Cash, leaving her to fend for herself in a harsh, cruel world. A well-written, heart-warming story which turns everything you've read before about vicious dogs on its head and has you willing everything to turn out well.

Chicken House · 9781905294756

Michael Morpurgo, Born To Run

Michael Morpurgo

Born To RunAudio version available

Essentially the life story of a puppy rescued from drowning to become a much-loved childhood pet, kidnapped by a greyhound racer then abandoned at the end of his racing life. In the hands of a gifted storyteller however it becomes one of the most impassioned, engrossing, emotional and memorable stories you will ever read, raising awareness of the innocent victims of the dog racing industry.

HarperCollins · 9780007230594


Michelle Paver, Oath Breaker

Michelle Paver

Oath Breaker
(Chronicles of Ancient Darkness)
Audio version available

The fifth part of a fantasy set in the superbly realized bleak, frozen wastelands of the Far North sees Torak on a desperate quest for revenge for the death of his closest friend, Bale. But the clans are at odds and evils of unimaginable proportions abound. This is unputdownable, unguessable reading that completely immerses the reader in Torak's unforgiving world and gives a real sense of what it would be like to be in his shoes. Gripping storytelling.

Orion · 9781842551165



Malcolm Rose, Animal Lab

Malcolm Rose

Animal Lab
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Jamie helps out at a local animal lab. Staff at the drugs company tell him the monkeys are bald to help find a cure for baldness, his sister thinks there is an entirely different explanation. Who is Jamie to believe? Engaging story themes, realistic characters and pacy plotting but simple writing make this series perfect for hooking in those who find reading a struggle.

Evans · 9780237536169

Lauren St John, The Last Leopard

Lauren St John

The Last LeopardSuitable for 11-13s

A third exciting adventure for Martine and Ben, now in a race against time to save the world's rarest leopard, Kahn, and recover the lost treasure of an African king. It is a race which will need all of Martine's magical powers with animals, survival skills and knowledge of the bush and it will push her closest friendship to its limits. Set against a vividly described African backdrop, this is a captivating animal conservation series with a strong female lead.

Orion · 9781842556672

Thomas Wharton, The Shadow of Malabron

Thomas Wharton

The Shadow of Malabron
(Perilous Realms)

The Perilous Realm is the land where all stories come from. One night long ago Malabron tried to make all the stories into one, his story. Will, a teenager with attitude from our world, stumbles into the realm by accident and aided by a cast of story folk and Shade, the talking wolf, undertakes an epic journey back to reality. Ambitious plotting, characters to love and hate, heart-stopping bravery and simply stunning storytelling.

Walker · 9781406312508

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