My Brother's a Keeper
by Michael Hardcastle

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Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore and Sonia Leong, Save the Empire

Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore and Sonia Leong

Save the Empire
(I, Hero)
Suitable for 11-13s Suitable for those with reading difficulties

The latest in an ingenious interactive adventure series where the reader takes the part of the hero and decides his destiny. Huge appeal for resistant readers who will appreciate the carefully regulated vocabulary and short paragraphs.

Franklin Watts · 9780749682651

Tim Bowler, Closing In

Tim Bowler

Closing In
Suitable for 13-14+

In the second in this perfectly-pitched, streetwise series Becky has left her gang to be with Blade, but the pair are on the run now that the gang believe Blade and Becky are responsible for the death of their leader. Escape seems impossible given the gang rule especially with 3-year-old Jaz tagging along. Bowler has it spot on for teenagers who don't necessarily read by choice, offering short thrillers packed with action shown through the eyes of an arresting narrator. This is very real fiction with very real appeal from a crafty storyteller who never shortchanges in the storystakes.

OUP · 9780192754851


Chaz Brenchley, The Lost World

Chaz Brenchley

The Lost World

The classic story of a dangerous expedition perfectly presented for a new generation of readers; re-written and condensed into just 64 pages but remaining true to the plot, cleverly retaining the flavour of the original and attractively illustrated. Part of an inspired new series of best-loved classics covering Dickens, Austen, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and The Time Machine.

Real Reads · 9781906230142

Andy Briggs, Virus Attack

Andy Briggs

Virus Attack

A deadly virus has been unleashed, powerful enough to bring down the Hero Foundation in this latest hero.com thriller. Read it alongside its antithesis title, Dark Hunter (villain.net) for maximum tension. Both this series and the anti-series explode with gadgets and extreme thrills and link to an interactive website with online mission trail for readers who have the chance to choose their allegiance; which side will you join?

OUP · 9780192755452



Andrew Butcher, The Tomorrow Seed

A J Butcher

The Tomorrow Seed
(The Reaper Trilogy)

The final part of this gripping futuristic trilogy set in a world where all over-18s have been wiped out by the Sickness. The teenagers have escaped alien captivity but now, back in their deserted homeland, they must struggle to make their own rules and relationships to ensure the creation of a new future full of hope for society. Action, explosive plotting and maximum tension make for an exciting adventure.

Atom · 9781904233961

Dean Vincent Carter, The Hunting Season

Dean Vincent Carter

The Hunting SeasonSuitable for 13-14+

An unexplained car robbed Geronius Moore of his parents, their bodies found mauled in the snow beside the wreckage. It has taken him eight years to recover but now bizarre things are happening around him and more people are dying. Macabre and menacing this is a gruesome and gory hunt for creatures of nightmares, a perfect pageturner for older readers.

Corgi · 9780552552981


Stephen Cole, The Bloodline Cipher

Steve Cole

The Bloodline Cipher

An elite team of teenage thieves, the Coldhardt Gang, are tasked to retrieve a magical book of the dead. They discover another more highly skilled, better informed gang led by Coldhart's longest rival have beaten them to it and also have a cunning plan to get rid of Coldhart himself. This is a far-fetched, fiendishly-twisty, high-octane thriller which hurtles along dropping false clues for the unsuspecting reader and crackling with pageturning suspense.

Bloomsbury · 9780747593966

Sam Enthoven, The Black Tattoo

Sam Enthoven

The Black Tattoo

Jack's day begins normally enough, eating Chinese in a London restaurant with his friend Charlie and Charlie's dad. The next minute both he and Charlie are confronting an odd and ancient brotherhood of demon fighters from the underworld. Mysterious tests, possession by demons, giant sprawling black tattoos, hell, vomiting bats and a superhero-like girl with Jackie Chan's martial arts skills follow, as Jack pursues his transformed friend on a journey through hell, battling black-clothed soldiers, bats and bloodthirsty monsters to rescue Charlie and thus save the world from evil. This is energetic, exciting writing with a compelling mix of horror and humour, fantasy and martial arts combining to make for an original and addictive read.

Corgi · 9780552553582


Sandra Glover, Somewhere Else

Sandra Glover

Somewhere ElseSuitable for 13-14+

Jade insists she's really called Janet and lives in another time and place which really freaks out sister Zade who tries to blame it on a terrifying ordeal she's just undergone. Will she ever get her sister back? Glover excels at powerful page-turning psychological thrillers such as this.

Andersen Press · 9781842708156

William Goldman, The Princess Bride

William Goldman

The Princess Bride

The beautiful Buttercup is to be married to Prince Humperdinck, too bad she's in love with Westley the farm boy. So far so fairytale but criminal masterminds, fencing wizards, giants, and villains of varying degrees of evilness abound in this good old-fashioned, very funny adventure story which formed the basis of the fantastically popular film of the same name. It is stunningly packaged here for a new generation of readers.

Bloomsbury · 9780747590583

Richard Hammond, On The Edge: My Story

Richard Hammond

On The Edge: My StorySuitable for 13-14+

Basically an account of Richard Hammond's life both before and after the high profile crash in the jet-powered dragster which almost killed him, but also a fascinating insight into the influences that shaped him as a child, a behind the scenes look at the action and personalities of Top Gear and an astounding account of his recovery and reappearance on screen, told both from his point of view and, even more movingly, from that of his wife. This is a fascinating and remarkable story with wide appeal to really make you take stock of your own life.

Phoenix · 9780753824047

J.A. Henderson, Bunker 10

J A Henderson

Bunker 10Suitable for 13-14+

The gripping story of the last 24 hours of the 185 personnel and 7 children who were killed when the top secret Pinewood Military Installation exploded. False leads, shootings, time travel, DNA altering, explosions, a claustrophobically tight time frame - everything you need for an attention-stealing thriller.

OUP · 9780192754868

James Jauncey, The Reckoning

James Jauncey

The ReckoningSuitable for 13-14+

Fin's sister disappeared two years ago and now he longs for the time when he can escape from the ensuing problems at home himself. When he witnesses a girl fall from a bridge in the fog, hears the car doors and voices, Fin finds himself at the centre of a police murder hunt. As he sets out to discover if the girl fell or was pushed Fin uncovers uncomfortable secrets about his own sister and about the tight-knit community he grew up in. Part-mystery, part thriller, part exploration of terrorism, The Reckoning is a real heart-stopper.

Macmillan · 9780330454025


Sophie McKenzie, Blood Ties

Sophie McKenzie

Blood Ties

Theo and Rachel both have their individual problems but are united in their determination to defeat the extremist group RAGE (the Righteous Army against Genetic Engineering) who launch an unprovoked attack on them at the school disco. Can they work fast enough to bring their attackers down? Why are they both such a target? What will they discover about their own identities in the course of their investigations in this incredibly pacy, intricately plotted, page-turning thriller about identity and cloning?

Simon & Schuster · 9781847382757

Andy McNab, Meltdown

Andy McNab

(Boy Soldier)
Audio version available

In this latest thriller Danny and his ex-SAS grandfather undertake an undercover operation to hunt down those responsible for manufacturing Meltdown, a deadly drug threatening Europe. With its SAS technical jargon and shotgun delivery, explosive (literally!) action, complex plot twists and a thrill on every page this adrenaline-fuelled read is sure to be as fought over as others in the series.

Corgi · 9780552552240


Joshua Mowll, Operation Storm City

Joshua Mowll

Operation Storm City
(Guild Trilogy)

Becca and Doug are thrown into another nail-biting adventure where the stakes are higher than ever when they discover documents detailing their missing parents' expedition route and the position of the fabled city Ur-Can at their old family home. Can they reach Ur-Can in time to safeguard the security of the planet and be reunited with their parents?
More documentary and travelogue than novel, Mowll tells their story through an enticing mix of diary extracts, sketches, photos, maps, newspaper clippings, cross sections of ships and all kinds of other technical information and top secret fold-outs. Turning the reader into detective, this is the ideal read for Indiana Jones fans.

Walker · 9781406311327


David Orme, Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space

David Orme

Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space
(Boffin Boy)
Suitable for those with reading difficulties

Rick Storm is an exceptionally clever, science-obsessed 14-year-old. After his father's death, Rick is determined to use his scientific skills to fight evil, here in the shape of invaders from space. A cleverly conceived manga style series of adventures designed for struggling readers age 9-14 with a reading age of 6-7. Future series will have a reading age 8-9 but good use of speech bubbles and the attractive manga artwork guarantees these books wider appeal, drawing the reader into the story.

Ransom · 9781841676135


Justin Richards, Rewind Assassin

Justin Richards

Rewind Assassin
(Time Runners)
Suitable for 11-13s

When everyone suddenly starts behaving as if Jamie Grant isn't there he becomes a bit suspicious. With the friendly Anna's help he discovers that he doesn't exist and never has. He's fallen through a time break and actually lives in a parallel world where he has the power to control time even though he is outside it. As a Time Runner he is tasked with fixing the rips in time, stopping time and history falling apart. Not an easy task when the Spanish Armada has just resurfaced and you're trying to stop the assassination of William Shakespeare! A new twist on the time-travel adventure, gripping and imaginative.

Simon & Schuster · 9781416926436


Chris Ryan, Twister

Chris Ryan

(Code Red Adventures)

A hurricane warning, a hijacked plane about to crash into an oil refinery and a violent tornado all add up to another all-action, highly realistic Code Red adventure for Ben Tracey.

Doubleday · 9781862302822

Craig Simpson, Dogfight

Craig Simpson

(Special Operations)

The next edge-of-the-seat episode in the adventures of Finn Gunnersen sees Finn and best friend Loki determined to join the Resistance passing on secret information to the British as the Germans invade their Norwegian village. They'll need every scrap of courage they can muster if they are to go through with their plans. The tension never lets up for a page in this exciting conspiracy thriller.

Corgi · 9780552556743

John E Smelcer, The Trap

John E Smelcer

The Trap

Johnny's grandad sparks panic when he fails to return home from checking his trapline. Because of the clever alternating chapters only readers know he is stranded in the harsh Alaskan landscape with temperatures plummeting, surrounded by wild animals and with food supplies some meters away. It really is a race against time in this heart-stopping, edge of the seat survival story.

Andersen Press · 9781842707395

Steve Voake, The Starlight Conspiracy

Steve Voake

The Starlight ConspiracySuitable for 13-14+

On the run from Social Services after the death of her traveller mother, Berry is handed a mysterious package with special powers by an old man she has never met. Pursued by terrorists and the FBI, Berry hotfoots it across the Atlantic determined to find the package's New Mexican owner and ensure the safety of the planet, although sometimes just dodging bullets and staying alive is problem enough. Part sci-fi thriller, part road trip, part conspiracy theory, part search to belong, this is an outstanding read.

Faber · 9780571233458

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