Mystifying: Sinister Stories of the Unexplained
by Helen Cresswell (ed.)

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The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!


2. What's in this book list?

This list contains around 260 titles for young people aged 11 to 18. They’re arranged by catchy one or two-word themes, which highlight genres, or other categories. They are essentially up-to-the-minute titles, the very latest in some fiction series, one or two modern classics in new guises, and a few tried and tested favourites.

Its focus is fiction - though there are some non-fiction titles amongst the others. You could add to the list your own choice of other material to tempt students into reading, including items like puzzle books, magazines, comics, newspapers (including those for young people), DVDs, CDs and so on.

We hope you enjoy looking through the list, and finding the best titles to get everyone reading!

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